What do you do if your wife or husband displays the attitude that you are just useless and is always grumpy when they are around you?  This is definitely quite an uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes it doesn’t even matter how good you look, the expressive attitudes that you don’t do nothing around the house when you really do signifies a miserable marriage boiling to something much hotter in the future?

What if he or she currently tells you that they are miserable in the marriage?  I mean what do you do?  Do you let them go or even suggest it? You take her out and do things with her in the weekend and sometimes this doesn’t seem to be good enough?  So what is really missing? Sometimes I feel that one day I will just move on from all of this because some attitudes just become so intolerable to live with. And what about the constant lack of affection?

What about if kids are on the way?  Kids to the rescue?  Perhaps this will save the boring relationship? When everything else you do seems to fail. Perhaps he or she is not the one for you? These are feelings that I think about when I right this post. What really makes the marriage boring?   Is it the location of residence or the fact that the struggling of the finances leaves us no room for some kind of enjoyment?

I mean what else can a man do you know?  Stick around for the kids sake and hope it will get better?  Wishful thinking.  I am always hopeful for the future but sometimes things don’t work that way but it’s better to be optimistic and nurture the relationship because this ultimately makes things better for all of us.

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